Red Alert: YouTube Moves To Take Control Of 2024 Election

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(SNews) – YouTube has announced plans to boost corporate media outlets that the Google-owned video streaming giant deems to be “credible sources” ahead of the critical 2024 election.

The move comes as the voting public is increasingly expressing an aversion to traditional mass media outlets, instead choosing more trustworthy independent news sources.

Currently, the video-sharing giant is launching a revamped user interface designed to enhance the viewing experience.

The new system introduces additional news-oriented content suggestions when users are engaged in watching news videos.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, plans to increase establishment media presence on its shortform video feature, Shorts.

The company will channel $1.6 million into increasing the volume of news-oriented content on Shorts.

YouTube provides examples of this new feature in a blog post.

In one example, a user watching a video about floods in Pakistan published by PBS.

They will then be directed toward more related videos about the same event.

The system will direct users to legacy news publishers such as The Associated Press, CBS Evening News, and Sky News and away from independent sources not deemed “credible” by Google.

Initial deployment of this improved watch page experience will take place across around 40 countries on mobile.

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It will later be extended to desktop and living room interfaces.

Besides the interface overhaul, YouTube also intends to invest a substantial $1.6 million to boost the creation of short-form news content on its Shorts service in partnership with 20 organizations across 10 nations.

This initiative will involve collaboration with news outlets that already generate long-form content for YouTube.

The essence of digital platforms like YouTube lies in their ability to offer a level playing field for all creators, regardless of their size or affiliation.

However, with this new venture, YouTube risks alienating a significant portion of its content creator community as it moves to give more real estate to its legacy competitors.

It may also inadvertently stifle the diversity of perspectives essential for a well-rounded public discourse.

Many years ago, was seen as one of the digital space’s most profound advantages over traditional media outlets.

However, for liberal Big Tech companies, controlling the narrative ahead of the next election will be a top priority.

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