SHOCK: Children Kicked Out of Community Center to House Migrants

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Local families in Roxbury, a predominantly black neighborhood in Boston, are outraged by the decision to close down the community center and repurpose it to accommodate more of President Joe Biden’s illegal border crossers. The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Community Center, once a hub for various sports and community events, now houses rows of cots for these individuals, as reported by CBS, WBZ-TV Boston.

During an interview with WBZ, pre-teen Jeremiah Rodriguez expressed his disappointment upon discovering that the facility, where his community baseball team used to practice, was no longer accessible to him.

“We usually practice. They were closed,” young Jeremiah told the outlet.

Jeremiah’s dad, Yrbin Rodriguez, added, “It’s hard. I didn’t know the immigrants inside. It’s okay to help, I don’t think that’s the place to do it because kids and families go and enjoy.”

However, due to the efforts of Biden and Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, the predominantly black community has unfortunately lost the facility that once served as the heart of their community. Roxbury, with its population consisting of nearly 57 percent black residents, almost 30 percent Latino residents, and only six percent white residents, has a significantly lower median income compared to the rest of Boston ($30,654 for Roxbury versus $52,433 for Boston overall), as reported by the city of Boston. This decision by the city has left black community activist Clifton Braithwaite feeling deeply disappointed. Braithwaite believes that the city is neglecting the needs of the neighborhood in favor of accommodating Biden’s influx of undocumented immigrants.

“We care about our immigrant brothers and sisters, but there has to be a fair balance. How can you tell people that was down at Mass Cass for over ten years, there was no money for them, and now you found money,” Braithwaite told WBZ.

Boston is not the sole major city, governed by Democrats, that is closing down community centers, schools, and parks and allocating them to the influx of undocumented immigrants under Biden’s administration. In late 2021, there was also a significant outcry in Chicago when Mayor Brandon Johnson, a radical leftist, decided to accommodate Biden’s illegal immigrants in the Amundsen Park Field House located in the Galewood neighborhood.

These closure plans sparked extensive protests from Galewood residents and other Chicagoans. Likewise, New York City experienced similar closures when Mayor Eric Adams initiated the redirection of resources meant for residents towards undocumented individuals.

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