Shock: Illegal Migrant Commits Heinous Crime

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(SNews) – An illegal alien from Honduras, who has previously been deported twice from the United States, has been arrested on murder charges after two bodies were found in Nashville, Tennessee.

Illegal border crosser Kevin Castro-Garcia, 31, was charged with two separate murders after authorities discovered a “badly burned” body inside a torched car and a decomposing body in the trunk of a different vehicle.

Castro-Garcia, who was last deported under President Donald Trump’s administration, was charged in the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Elmer Nahum Miranda-Martinez.

Nashville Metropolitan Police said Tuesday that Miranda-Martinez’s body was found on September 27 in a car that had been set on fire in a wooded area on Franklin Limestone Road.

Detectives believe Miranda-Martinez was shot and killed before his body was stuffed into the trunk.

The motive for the shooting remains under investigation, police said.

On Friday, police announced Castro-Garcia was also being charged with a second murder and abuse of a corpse.

The second charge is related to the death of 26-year-old Brandon Rivas-Noriega, of Nashville.

Rivas-Noriega’s decomposing body was found in the trunk of a different car off Rural Hill Road.

The 26-year-old was reported missing by his mother on October 5.

Rivas-Noriega’s family received text messages from him indicating that he was in trouble and needed money, FOX17 Nashville reported, citing police.

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The mother said she last saw him driving her 2015 Ford Focus just two days earlier.

Detectives learned that the missing man would often visit a residence on Fanning Drive in the city’s Antioch neighborhood.

During a search of the residence, investigators found the owner’s manual for a Ford Focus, Rivas-Noriega’s driver’s license, and paperwork for a property on Rural Hill Road.

After arriving at the Rural Hill Road property, police said that detectives found a Ford Focus parked behind an abandoned trailer.

The decomposing remains were found inside the trunk.

The remains were identified as Rivas-Noriega through an autopsy.

Police said the victim died from multiple gunshot wounds, adding that several tattoos had been cut out from the man’s body.

Castro-Garcia remains jailed on $1.01 million bond, according to online jail records.

Police said he was deported from the U.S. in 2010 and 2018.

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