Shock Video: Dem Senator Says The Quiet Part Out Loud

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Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona expressed his support for abolishing the filibuster in order to enshrine abortion rights during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Host Kristen Welker said, “Let’s talk about what’s happening in your state, Arizona, is now effectively ground zero for the national fight over abortion rights. This week, the state legislature voted to repeal Arizona’s ban that went all the way back to 1864. Do you think the repeal minimizes the urgency that some voters will feel to get out and vote for Democrats?”

Kelly said, “I think women in Arizona have been through a really tough time. It all goes back to Donald Trump’s election and what he said he wants to do to Roe v. Wade. Women in the state of Arizona don’t have the rights they had. Women can not get the health care they need in this state right now. We have an opportunity in November to sort of fix this at the state level with a ballot initiative. What we really need is national legislation to codify a woman’s right to make these decisions. That’s only going to happen if Joe Biden is elected president.”

Welker asked, “Would you support getting rid of the filibuster to support abortion rights to codify Roe v. Wade into law?

Kelly said, “Yes.”

Welker said, “You would?”

Kelly said, “Yeah, I would. when we were looking at voting rights legislation, I voted for that as well. I spent 15 years at NASA flying the space shuttle. If NASA had the rules of the United States Senate had, the rocket ship would never leave the launch pad. At the appropriate time, this is one of them, I would consider changing the rules to make sure that women can get the health care they need.”


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