Shock Video: Far-Left Mob Attacks Jews Outside ‘Museum of Tolerance’

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(TStarnes) – A pro-Palestinian mob dressed in black attacked Jews in Los Angeles outside the Museum of Tolerance. How ironic.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, known for her role as Wonder Woman, had hosted a screening of footage from the October 7 terrorist attack committed by Hamas.

Gadot faced massive backlash from pro-Hamas sympathizers as well as Muslims across the nation. They accused her of supporting genocide.

But all she was doing was shining a bright light on the monstrous atrocities committed by the terrorists. Among those in attendance was Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

As the footage played, some inside wept, gasped, and cried out at the horrors they were watching as terrorists murdered and maimed civilians, and attacked revelers at a music festival, the New York Post reported.

Video, which you can watch below, show violent fights breaking out in the streets and outside the theater.

The attack on Jews happened just days after another Jewish man was killed by a pro-Palestinian protester in a Los Angeles suburb. Click here for information on that story.

Our nation’s education system has become an incubator for Christ-haters and Jew-haters. Our borders have been breached by Middle Eastern men of military age. I hope the Christians and Jews of America are paying attention.

What’s happening in Los Angeles will no doubt happen in other cities and towns across the nation. Be vigilant.

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