Shock Videos: Far-Left Rioters TEAR Down American Flags

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Yale University witnessed a distressing incident on Friday night, as anti-Israel protesters took down an American flag, leaving Jewish students and the university community feeling intimidated. The incident was captured on video and quickly spread across social media platforms, showcasing activists wearing kaffiyehs, who cheered and celebrated while dismantling the Stars and Stripes.

The Yale Daily News reported:

“On Saturday night, more than 500 protesters gathered in Beinecke Plaza, and at 12:18 a.m., protesters announced that no arrests would be made that night. There were also pro-Israel counter-protesters present from around 11:32 p.m. to around 12:50 a.m. time, largely remaining on Beinecke Plaza in front of Woodbridge Hall. At peak, about 25 counter-protesters were present. An organizer of the encampment, who requested anonymity due to safety concerns, told the News that the group will be staying on Beinecke Plaza overnight and reiterated that they would continue their encampment on the Plaza until Yale meets their demands for disclosure and divestment [from Israel].”

The Jerusalem Post has stated that a Jewish student was struck in the eye with a flagpole, while the Yale protesters were seen displaying signs in memory of a deceased Palestinian terrorist who had abducted and killed an Israeli. At Columbia University, anti-Israel demonstrators have unlawfully taken over the campus. Video footage from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) shows the Columbia protesters chanting slogans in support of terrorism.

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