Top Health Official FINALLY Admits The Truth

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A prominent health official has acknowledged that hospitals manipulated data regarding causes of death during the pandemic. The former director of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Saineethan “Sai” Balasubramaniam, revealed that a new system was introduced at the start of the Covid pandemic to certify deaths.

Before the pandemic, the highest cause of death in the UK was a grouping of four pneumonia types. However, with the implementation of the new Medical Examiner System, deaths from all pneumonia types were certified as Covid-related by medical examiners.

Balasubramaniam took to Twitter/X to expose these changes in the UK government health service’s death reporting system. He explained that four different diseases were grouped and marked as Covid deaths, leading to inflated death rates attributed to Covid.

The former NHS director highlighted the inevitability of substantial Covid death rates due to this reporting method. Balasubramaniam accused the mainstream media of reporting significant increases in Covid-19 deaths because of the new Medical Examiner System.

According to Balasubramaniam, the UK government proposed and piloted changes to death certification procedures in all UK hospitals in 2016. He published a Department of Health (DOH) document outlining these “reforms.” The DOH document proposed a shift to the “Medical Examiner” (ME) System, which was already being piloted at two hospitals in the UK.

Balasubramaniam stressed that the only conclusive method to determine an accurate cause of death is through Her Majesty’s (HM) Coroner, but this can only happen under specific criteria. He outlined the strict hospital hierarchy for doctors, emphasizing that junior doctors rarely challenge their seniors’ decisions.

In his experience of over five years in End-of-Life Care, Balasubramaniam noted that the proposed ME system would centralize the process by having one Medical Examiner in each hospital write all Medical Certificates of Cause of Death (MCCDs). This would eliminate variation in causes of death, as opposed to the traditional system where treating doctors decide the cause of death.

Balasubramaniam first learned about the ME system in 2016 while working as a Bereavement Officer. He explained how the proposed system shifted clinical judgments away from treating doctors and bereavement services to the Medical Examiner, leading to deaths caused by various reasons being listed as Covid-related.

The former NHS director concluded that the new system resulted in false data for Covid deaths, contributing to the illusion of a severe pandemic.

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