Trump Catches the Mainstream Media Fabricating Another Fake Story

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Former President Donald Trump made a big announcement after the mainstream media tried passing off an ‘insider’ report claiming that Trump was considering Nikki Haley for his VP choice. Trump was quick to take to social media, however, instantly dispelling their lies:

“Nikki Haley is not under consideration for the V.P. slot, but I wish her well!” he said announced.

The report from Axios initially tried claiming that “The GOP rivals’ relationship remains chilly. But the sources said Trump could pick Haley if he were convinced she’d help him win the presidency, avoid a potential prison sentence and cover tens of millions in legal bills if he loses. Spokespeople for Trump and Haley declined to comment on Friday when asked about the possibility,” it said before the former president’s post.

“Republicans close to both campaigns believe it’s in Haley and Trump’s mutual interests to reconcile, despite their bitter fight in the GOP primary and their divergent views on some big issues,” the report said.

Once again, the fake news media gets called out for promoting total propaganda. Unless Donald Trump makes the announcement himself, the American People would do well to ignore the mainstream media’s lies.

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