Trump STEAMROLLS To Huge Victory… WOW

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The announcement of the victor in the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina has been made following the closure of polls on Saturday evening in the Palmetto State.

Once more, former President Donald Trump emerged as the clear winner, surpassing his sole remaining formidable contender for the nomination, Nikki Haley, who had previously served two terms as governor in the state. The Associated Press was the first to declare Trump as the winner of the race. His unbeaten streak in primary races continues.

During an interview on Friday evening with Fox News host Bret Baier, she expressed her strong commitment to remaining in the race and firmly stated that she would not entertain the idea of becoming Trump’s vice president.

“Where can you paint a picture on Super Tuesday where you can get a victory?” Baier asked

“We’re gonna see what happens tomorrow. But look, the problem when people say, “Why is she doing this? Why is she doing that?” At first, they were like, ‘She’s doing this because she wants to be vice president.’ I think we’ve pretty much settled that. Then they’re saying–“ Haley responded before Baier interrupted.

“Have we settled it?” he said.

“There is no political motivation. If there were political motivation, I would have gotten out of this a long time ago,” Haley said.

“By the way, have we settled the vice president thing?” the anchor asked.

“Of course, we’ve settled it! I mean, there is in no way,” Haley emphasized.

“So, it’s done?” Baier pressed.

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“I’ve said it for months; it’s done,” the former UN ambassador under Trump clarified. “Also, looking at a political future – I wouldn’t be doing this if I was worried about a political future. I would’ve gotten out already. I’m doing this trying to wake up our country.”

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