Trump’s New Hillary Meme Has The Establishment FURIOUS

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As part of his campaign against Nikki Haley in the GOP presidential primary, former President Donald Trump has shared numerous memes, including a heavily edited picture that supposedly compares Haley to Hillary Clinton.

Following his decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses and in preparation for their upcoming face-off in New Hampshire next week, the former president utilized his social media platform, Truth Social, to disseminate multiple posts.

Several of these posts featured images of Haley, wherein he criticized her previous statements and her performance in the Iowa caucuses, where she secured the third position, trailing behind Trump and Ron DeSantis. At one point, Trump even shared a photo of his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, with a photoshopped portrait of Haley superimposed on it. The caption below read “Hillary,” while the word “Haley” appeared above.

Although the post lacked any additional text, it seemed to draw a parallel based on past allegations of being a “neo-conservative” or “neo-con” that were directed towards Haley by her fellow Republican presidential contenders.

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