Tucker Announces HUGE Surprise Nobody Saw Coming

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The upcoming chapter in the career of former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is on the horizon, as outlined in a report this week. According to Reuters, Carlson, alongside Neil Patel, co-founder of The Daily Caller, is gearing up to introduce a subscription-based media service once the necessary adjustments to the system are complete.

“We’ve opened our site for membership pre-sales,” Patel told the newswire. “Once we are comfortable that all of the systems are running well, launch and brand release will follow.”

On July, “Carlson has struck an ad deal worth more than $1 million with PublicSq, an online marketplace for companies with conservative values, said two sources familiar with the agreement.”

“Omeed Malik, the chief executive and chairman of the board of the blank check company looking to take PublicSq public this month, is also planning to invest in Carlson’s company, sources told Axios,” the outlet reported.

Malik plans to make a substantial investment, ranging from seven to eight figures, in Carlson’s media venture through his private investment firm, 1789 Capital, as reported by the outlet, citing insider sources.

Axios added:

1789 Capital focuses investments in companies that support the “Replication/Parallel Economy,” “Deglobalization” and “Anti-ESG (i.e. sectors that have been negatively impacted by such principles).”

The advertising agreement marks the inaugural major deal for Carlson’s recent enterprise, with aspirations, as highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, for numerous such partnerships in the future.

The WSJ added:

“Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former White House adviser Neil Patel are seeking to raise funds to start a new media company that would potentially use Twitter as its backbone, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new company would be anchored by longer versions of the free videos that Carlson has been posting regularly on Twitter since shortly after his departure from Fox News, but would ultimately be driven by subscriptions, some of the people said.

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Carlson and Patel are looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the company, the people said.”

Individuals on Twitter and other platforms will still have the option to access condensed versions of Carlson’s show, interviews, and documentaries without charge. However, a subscription will be required for full content access. The company also has future plans to include shows from other hosts. Carlson and Patel, who co-founded The Daily Caller in 2010, have gathered a team of financiers, lawyers, and media strategists for their upcoming venture, according to sources familiar with the project. Patel remains in control of The Daily Caller.

“Carlson’s team met with a Twitter team in recent weeks to discuss the endeavor, people familiar with the matter said,” the outlet reported. “Carlson and Patel’s new company would also have its own website and mobile app, and is exploring other homes beyond Twitter for its content as well, some of the people said.”

With the 2024 presidential election less than a year away, PublicSq. becomes the first of potentially several advertisers to join forces with Carlson during this critical period in national politics. PublicSq. CEO Michael Seifert announced plans for commercials on Carlson’s X (formerly Twitter) show, which will run throughout the campaign year. Seifert mentioned that these advertisements will also extend to Carlson’s other platforms, including his website. Despite corporate initiatives focusing on environmental, societal, and governance improvements, the founders and leaders of the app have been resistant to such efforts. Seifert emphasized that the product pitches will be seamlessly integrated into Carlson’s show.

“People are going to be paying attention,” Seifert said. “Tucker is going to speak very candidly of the importance of patriotic small businesses, and if viewers want to support it, go to Public Square.”

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