Tucker Sends Shock Warning To American Public

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Independent news anchor Tucker Carlson has issued a cautionary message to the American people regarding California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. Accusations are circulating that Newsom is orchestrating a shadow campaign for the 2024 presidential election, with speculations ranging from a potential primary challenge against Democrat President Joe Biden to a plan for the Democrats to replace Biden with Newsom.

These rumors have triggered concerns about the possible implications of an America under “President Newsom.” Carlson, addressing the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference in Las Vegas, emphasized the need for the public to take Newsom’s presidential aspirations seriously.

Carlson warned that Gavin Newsom “is the single most ruthless and evil person I’ve ever seen in politics.”

As reported by the Daily Caller, Carlson’s address delved into the rising sentiments of anger and paranoia that are gripping numerous Americans.

“I flew out here across the country this morning and spent five hours texting people … and I gotta tell you, every single person I texted, with the exception of my wife — who’s not on the internet at all — was angry and paranoid,” Carlson said.

“Seriously, and these are not crazy people.

“These are normal, good people with, like, kids and stuff, with a vested interest in Americans’ success.

“These are not the burn-it-down caucus.

“These are the people you want voting,” Carlson said.

The feelings of anger and paranoia are entirely justified, said Carlson, who offered an assessment of the views and onions he encountered on his journey.

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There is growing tension in the United States that is bound to push past its limits within the coming election cycle, he warned.

“I’m just telling you once again, what you already know, which is this is going to be — the next year is going to be, I think I’d bet my house on it, really like nothing we’ve ever seen in the country,” Carlson said.

“And everyone can kind of feel that. You know, most of our perceptions come through intuition rather than reason.

“If you’re close to your dog, you know, the dog knows exactly what’s going on … they just watch and they feel, and people are very much the same, and if something bad is about to happen, everybody gets jumpy, and everybody’s really jumpy right now,” he continued.

To navigate the forthcoming political challenges and adapt, Americans need to remain vigilant about the political landscape and be prepared to scrutinize various issues, such as Biden’s mental condition and the allegations against former President Donald Trump, as outlined by Carlson.

“Your gut is the one thing that doesn’t lie to you,” he said.

“Your gut only has your interest in mind. It is not trying to sell you a product or convince you to vote for it.

“You’ve got two people people running for president — one of them is literally senile,” he added.

“Yet, he’s standing for reelection at the age of 80.”

Carlson also spoke out about the criminal indictments against Donald Trump:

“Every time he gets indicted and every time they tack years onto this potential sentence, he becomes more popular — and now he’s winning,” Carlson said.

“Nothing that is happening now or that has happened for the last five or six years can be explained through conventional political terms.”


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