Video: Biden Goes Incoherent Rant During Speech… It’s Bad

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Despite not being widely recognized for his exceptional eloquence, Biden’s recent verbal blunders have become so flagrant that even his most loyal supporters must question their backing of his campaign.

A prime example of this occurred during Biden’s appearance in Wisconsin today, where his ability to construct a coherent sentence quickly unraveled. In a brief 10-second video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Biden approached the podium at a Wisconsin event, commending the Biden administration’s efforts in facilitating the replacement of a bridge and promoting the “Investing in America Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

However, after delving into the typical Democratic talking points, he veered off course and embarked on an uninterrupted stream of gibberish, with the only discernible words being “thanks for the Great Lakes.”

The spectators might have found amusement, but at what exactly? Was it directed towards him? It is quite disheartening to receive such a response from the individuals who were supposedly present to offer their encouragement. It is evident that their laughter couldn’t have been provoked by his words, as his speech was nothing but utter nonsense.

It sounded something like “Apenw qqepdjnm. Isbagaapzzx! Zzxjjkanlppin,” but who knows?

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