Video: Biden LEAKS Confidential Details of Hostage Talks

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President Joe Biden shared confidential information about the ongoing negotiations regarding Israeli hostages during his appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers. This disclosure compromised the bargaining positions of a crucial U.S. ally, while prematurely expressing optimism for a successful outcome, contrary to what all parties involved in the talks had stated.

While enjoying ice cream with Seth Myers, President Biden expressed his hope for a ceasefire to be achieved by the following Monday. However, he did not clarify whether he was referring to a temporary or permanent ceasefire, and both Israel and Hamas denied the existence of any such agreement. In fact, reports surfaced on Monday indicating that Hamas had rejected the proposed terms for a deal, dampening the brief moment of optimism that had emerged over the weekend.

Furthermore, President Biden revealed that Israel had offered to halt the war during the upcoming Islamic holy month of Ramadan. This public statement pinned an ally to a position that was intended as an offer, rather than a firm commitment in the absence of mutual agreement. It is worth noting that Arab and Muslim armies have historically engaged in conflicts, and even initiated wars, during Ramadan, as exemplified by the Yom Kippur War of 1973.


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