VIDEO: Far-Left Activists Caught Doing The UNTHINKABLE

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Far-left activists in Chicago, who are strongly against Israel, gathered at a conference to demand President Joe Biden to terminate U.S. aid to Israel. During the event, attendees, many of whom were wearing masks, expressed their approval of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s failed but initially threatening attack on Israel using hundreds of drones and missiles.

This attack was supposedly in retaliation for an Israeli strike that resulted in the elimination of seven high-ranking Iranian military officials, including two generals, in Damascus, Syria. The conference also witnessed the participation of numerous pro-Palestinian activists who voiced their opposition to U.S. support for Israel. They chanted slogans and advocated for Palestinian liberation while expressing resistance against U.S. policies in the region.


Hatem Abudayyeh, a representative of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, emphasized the combined efforts of Iranian, Yemeni, and Iraqi groups in opposition to Israel. Upon suggesting that these factions could have participated in the assault on the Jewish state, attendees at the conference praised the possibility of Israeli casualties, expressing their support with cheers and applause. Subsequently, they started chanting “Hands off Iran!” and what appeared to be a call of “glory to the martyrs.” Videos of the gathering shared on the internet quickly sparked criticism.

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