Video: Hillary Clinton Gets ROASTED On Live CNN Segment

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Florida Republican Representative Byron Donalds did not hold back his words when responding to former first lady Hillary Clinton’s characterization of members of his party as being part of a “cult.”

“How do you feel about being told you’re in a cult?” Donalds was asked during a recent appearance on CNN.

“I stopped caring about what Hillary Clinton had to say long ago because she lost a long, long time ago,” Donalds replied. “And she’s largely irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. But to a broader level, since Hillary wants to engage, allow me to engage.

“You lied multiple times, you destroyed emails, you destroyed evidence, and then you laundered phony information that you knew was phony into the intelligence community because you were scared you were going to lose,” Donalds went on. “You did all this, and you still lost, so I’m not going to listen to Hillary Clinton about who I should and should not support.”

“She has lied to the American people repeatedly. She used our government to spy on the campaign of one of her opponents. Yes, America, she did that. So if people like talking about Watergate and Nixon, look no further than Hillary Clinton and the Crossfire Hurricane,” he said.

There was no evidence discovered by the FBI indicating that Trump collaborated with Russian President Vladimir Putin to manipulate the election in favor of Clinton, despite the claims made by her and the majority of Democrats at that time. Various congressional investigations and a special counsel inquiry led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller also failed to uncover any evidence supporting this accusation.

For years following his victory, Clinton consistently referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president”.

“I tried really hard, but then literally from his inauguration on, it was nothing but, you know, accusing people of things, making up facts,” she told the co-hosts of “The View” earlier this fall. “Everything that I worried about I saw unfolding, and so I think that he’d be even worse now because he was somewhat restrained—believe it or not—in the first term by people who he hired because he thought they would go along with him and they stood up to him.”

Clinton once again grabbed attention this month due to her persistent inability to let go of her defeat in the 2016 presidential election against Trump.

In response to a report suggesting that Trump’s 2024 campaign is attempting to portray him as a “moderate” on the matter of abortion, Clinton utilized X, previously recognized as Twitter, as a platform to criticize Trump.

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“He thinks women are going to fall for this?” Clinton wrote.

According to a report by Rolling Stone, sources have claimed that Trump’s campaign is strategizing on how to present his stance on abortion in a manner that will resonate with voters from both political parties. The article suggests that Trump believes he can position himself as a moderate candidate in this particular race.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the significant Roe v. Wade case, Republicans appeared to have stumbled on the abortion issue. There have been speculations that the Democratic victories in the 2022 midterms were influenced by the topic of abortion.

Trump is being specifically targeted by Democrats regarding his stance on abortion.

“There is no ‘vagueness’ or ‘middle ground of sorts’ about Donald Trump’s position on abortion. Take his word for it: he was ‘proud’ to overturn Roe v. Wade; he’s advocated for ‘some form of punishment’ for women who have an abortion; and he has promised to ‘lead the charge’ in getting a national abortion ban passed. He’s even running ads—right this second—bragging about his role in overturning Roe,” President Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, said in a statement late last month.

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