VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Swarmed by Far-Left Mob in Restaurant

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s peaceful dinner took a tumultuous turn when he was swarmed by an aggressive pro-HANAT (Note: The term “HANAT” seems to be a mistake or unclear. If you have the correct term, please replace it.) mob in a Vancouver restaurant.

In response to the incident, Vancouver police dispatched 100 officers to ensure Trudeau’s safe exit from the eatery. Two individuals were subsequently arrested in connection with the disturbance.

Approximately 250 anti-Israel protesters encircled the restaurant where Trudeau was dining on Tuesday night. Vancouver Police Department spokesman Steve Addison reported that the sizable police presence was deployed to disperse the crowd. Trudeau was promptly escorted from the unnamed Chinatown restaurant.

During the commotion, an officer sustained injuries after a protester physically assaulted her. The assailant reportedly attempted to gouge out the officer’s eyes, leading to the use of a Taser to subdue the 27-year-old suspect, who remains in custody. Another individual, later released, was also arrested for obstructing police.

Earlier on the same day, Trudeau faced a confrontational situation at an Indian restaurant in a different part of the city. A video circulating on social media captured activists approaching the PM, urging a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza. They vocalized their discontent, shouting slogans such as “Shame on you!” and “Justin Trudeau, you fund genocide!” Trudeau chose to exit the premises without engaging with the activists.

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