VIDEO: Kamala Harris Suffers ANOTHER Embarrassing Moment

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Vice President Kamala Harris displayed a moment of unawareness and awkwardness during her visit to Puerto Rico on Friday. As she stood and applauded a band performing in Spanish in San Juan, little did she know that they were actually mocking her. The Associated Press reported that Harris was in the U.S. territory to attend a Democratic fundraiser and shed light on the federal aid Puerto Rico has received since Hurricane Maria devastated the island seven years ago.

However, during her visit to the La Goyco community center, she was met with a small group of protesters who criticized the Biden administration’s hesitant support for Israel in its conflict with the terrorist group Hamas, as reported by Fox News.

One protester’s sign declared “Kamala Harris war criminal,” while another claimed the U.S. and Israel are “genocidal.”

As soon as the band started performing, Harris enthusiastically joined in, applauding and bobbing her head to the rhythm of the music.

Watch the video at this link and observe Harris’ expression freeze around the 35-second mark.

Harris ceased clapping as Mariana Reyes, executive director of La Goyco, clarified the meaning of the song, as reported by Fox citing the AP. The translation revealed criticism towards the federal government’s involvement in Puerto Rican finances, along with a call for a “free Palestine” and a mention of Haiti. This was essentially a direct insult to Harris, whose expression turned to stone upon learning the content of the song.

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