Video: Lifelong Democrat ABANDONS Joe Biden

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Renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz elaborated on his reasons for potentially not supporting President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election. He emphasized that the manner in which the Democratic leader manages the Israel-Hamas conflict will play a crucial role in his decision-making process.

The Biden administration chose to abstain from voting in the UN Security Council, resulting in the passing of a resolution advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza on March 25. Dershowitz, who disclosed that he has consistently voted for Democratic candidates in presidential elections since 1960, expressed concerns that the Biden campaign’s strategy to secure the battleground state of Florida may face challenges due to its significant Jewish population, who are apprehensive about the administration’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“You’re not going to win Florida if you don’t support Israel,” Dershowitz said during his podcast, which was slated to discuss the expansion of a gag order on former President Donald Trump imposed by New York judge Juan Merchan that drew criticism from legal experts. “If you think you’re gonna lose Michigan because of 200,000 or so Muslims or Arabs, that’s nothing compared to what’s gonna happen in Florida, where there’s so many pro-Israel voters, so many Jewish voters, indeed, so many Israeli voters.”


“Many of us who are Jewish or pro-Israel, you can’t take our vote for granted,” Dershowitz said. “Yes, I voted Democrat for every president since John Kennedy, but you can’t take my vote for granted in this case.”

Since Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan urged voters to support an uncommitted slate of delegates in protest of Biden’s backing of Israel, Biden has grown increasingly critical of Israel’s operations. This protest vote gained substantial support in Michigan, Washington, and various Super Tuesday states. Notably, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and advocated for a new election to replace him in a speech on the Senate floor on March 14.

South Florida has many, many dual citizens, Israeli and American, and they’re not gonna vote for President Biden if they don’t think that President Biden is being supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself, particularly if they think he’s changed his views for political reasons,” Dershowitz said.

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