Video: Nancy Pelosi SWARMED By Screaming Protesters As She Tries To Escape

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Nancy Pelosi, the ex-Speaker of the House, encountered demonstrators from the far-left organization CodePink on Tuesday while en route to a House vote regarding supplementary funding for Israel.

The group describes itself “a feminist grassroots organization working to end U.S. warfare and imperialism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect resources into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs,” and confronted Pelosi over her support for Israel.

The group uploaded the video of the Pelosi confrontation, stating: “Nancy Pelosi is an Israel apologist.

“Today, she refused to answer for her support for Israel as we talked to her ahead of the House vote on sending $17.6 billion more to support Israel’s genocide in Gaza,” the group wrote.

The video commences with an 8-second segment featuring Pelosi gesturing Benjamin to leave while reprimanding him that CodePink is an American organization and not affiliated with China or Russia, insinuating that Pelosi had previously made such a claim.

The actual commencement of the video seems to start abruptly, with Benjamin donning a pink shirt displaying the words “No $$$ for Israel,” questioning Pelosi, “Will you vote in favor or against genocide,” in an apparent allusion to funding for Israel. “Are you gonna vote no on the money?”

Other demonstrators, seemingly coordinated with Benjamin, also shouted at Pelosi as she endeavored to proceed down the hallway towards a secure area where the protesters would be unable to follow her.

“$1 million in sales,” another protester yells from off-camera. “Congratulations on making money off genocide!”

“We’re not Russian sponsored,” Benjamin continued, apparently apropos of nothing. “We’re not from China. We don’t have headquarters in China. Our headquarters is right here in the United States.”

“Shame on you!” another woman yelled. “Shame on you!”

“She’s making money while people are being slaughtered in Gaza,” one said.

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