WATCH: Anti-Trump DA Throws Total Tantrum On Witness Stand

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Judge Scott McAfee declared a break following Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis’s outburst on the witness stand. The recess highlights Willis’s inappropriate behavior during her testimony, which led the judge to reprimand her.

After approximately one hour of questioning, the defense inquired whether Nathan Wade, Willis’s romantic partner and fellow prosecutor in the Trump case, ever visited her “at your residence.”

“When?” Willis replied.

“Has he ever visited you at the place you laid your head,” the defense follows up.

Willis subsequently elevated her tone and asserted that the defense had fabricated falsehoods in their defense of former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants.

“Let’s be clear because you’ve lied in this,” Willis said holding up pages of papers. “This let me tell you which one you lied and right here,” she waved the pages around. “No, no, no, no, this is the truth. It is a lie.”

“We’re gonna take five minutes,” the judge interrupted. “We will back in five.”

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