WATCH: Biden Caught Spreading ANOTHER Huge Lie

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President Joe Biden delivered a somber commencement address over the weekend, depicting America as a nation grappling with racism and lacking in its embrace of black individuals. During his speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Sunday, Biden portrayed the state of race relations in America in a stark and unflattering manner.

“You started college just as George Floyd was murdered,” Biden proclaimed. “And there was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if the democracy you hear about actually works for you.”

What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street?” he openly wondered. “What is democracy with a trail of broken promises leaving black communities behind? What is democracy if you have to be ten times better than anyone else to get a fair shot? Most of all, what does it mean, as you’ve heard before, to be a black man who loves his country even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure?”


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