WATCH: Chicago Mayor PANICS, Tries to Escape Reporters

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Mayor Brandon Johnson evaded inquiries from journalists regarding an arrest related to the tragic death of Chicago Police Department Officer Luis Huesca, as captured in a WMAQ-TV video that was later contested by the mayor’s office. In the footage, multiple reporters attempted to obtain Johnson’s response to the situation.

“Mr. Mayor, why do you have to run from us?” one reporter asked the Democratic mayor as he apparently fled.

Johnson allegedly swiftly approached a dark-colored automobile, where he found himself encircled by a team of security personnel. “Mayor, we just want a comment about the arrest last night in relation to Officer Huesca,” another reporter said to him.

WMAQ’s Mary Ann Ahern also captured a different perspective, which revealed members of the media chasing after the troubled elected official as he made his escape. However, Johnson’s office subsequently informed the media that their initial account of the incident was inaccurate.

“That isn’t Mayor Brandon Johnson in the video, and the person that is being filmed running was trying to catch the car before it departed,” the mayor’s office said.

In the meantime, Huesca’s family members had requested Johnson not to participate in the memorial of their deceased relative on Monday, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

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