Watch: CNN Panics After Data Analyst Gives Devastating Biden News

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CNN’s senior data reporter, Harry Enten, expressed concern over President Donald Trump’s significant advantage in the sun belt states, which poses a serious threat to President Joe Biden’s chances of reelection.

According to the most recent New York Times/Siena College survey, Trump is leading Biden by 13% among likely voters in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, and 6% in Arizona. Enten emphasized on “CNN News Central” that it would be highly unusual for a Republican candidate to win all these sun belt states, highlighting the significance of Trump’s lead.

“These sun belt battleground states, frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign, these numbers are an absolute disaster,” Enten said. “The smallest lead is in Arizona for Donald Trump, he’s up six. Look at this, nine in Georgia, 13 in Nevada. My goodness, gracious, my god. That is a hugely — no Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry lost it back in 2004.”

“How about these Great Lake battleground states? This is something that the Joe Biden campaign can work with. Look, Pennsylvania, Donald Trump up three, but that’s well within the margin of error. Wisconsin Donald Trump up one. Well within the margin of error, and actually a Joe Biden lead, well within the margin of error, up a point here. This they can work with, the Joe Biden campaign. This the Donald Trump campaign absolutely loves and it looks like a lot of the other polling on the sunbelt battleground states as well,” Enten added.


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