WATCH: Dr. Phil Nearly Bursts Out Laughing As Trump RIPS Into Dems

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Dr. Phil found it challenging to maintain a neutral expression as potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff during an interview broadcasted on Thursday on the “Merit Street” network.

During the interview, Trump discussed Schiff’s strong advocacy for what he referred to as “the Russia hoax,” recounting how the California congressman involved his son, Donald Trump Jr., in the matter by insinuating in front of the media that his son could potentially face imprisonment.

“The whole system is rigged. I mean, it’s just a nasty system. Uh, the saddest is — I’ll give you one quick example. I have a son, Don, he’s a good kid. And he wants to help people. And they said he was involved with Russia. He knows less about Russia than that young person sitting right over there, who I’m sure knows nothing about Russia,” Trump said.

“Adam Schiff comes out and says, ‘Donald Trump Jr. will go to jail because of what he’s done with Russia.’ And it was Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton and some others in the DNC that, they made up — think of how bad you have to be,” Trump continued. “You make up a phony story about Russia, Russia, Russia, the Russia hoax. You have the dossier, the whole thing, it’s all fake. They paid $12 million or something for the dossier, $12 million! They gave this guy, Steele, a fortune to do a fake story. It’s called the fake dossier, right?”

Trump informed Dr. Phil that he reached out to Donald Trump Jr. following Schiff’s comments, inquiring about his well-being and any potential events that may have transpired unbeknownst to him. He criticized the Democratic congressman for promoting a fabricated narrative.

“How do you deal with that as a father?” Dr. Phil asked. “Because I’ve had that happen to me. I mean, you met my son Jordan. My other son, Jay. I’ve had stories about them and it infuriates me.”

“It’s, I mean I called him, I called him up. I knew it wasn’t true, but I said. This guy, these are not stupid people. I call him watermelon head! He’s got the thinnest neck I’ve ever seen. How it holds up that head? He’s got a neck that’s about a size six,” Trump told Dr. Phil, who appeared to be holding back a laugh.

“Very unattractive guy, both inside and outside. And people say, ‘Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to say.’ That’s okay. Very unattractive guy,” Trump continued as Dr. Phil appeared to be suppressing a smile.


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