WATCH: Far-Left Comedian TEARS Apart Lib Protesters

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While there may be some disagreements between late-night host Bill Maher and myself, I find it impossible to dispute his perspective on activists who use their cause to feed their own egos. In a recent segment on “Real Time,” Maher dedicated a significant portion of his monologue to criticizing the self-centered and bothersome nature of liberal protesters. Despite some jabs at former President Donald Trump towards the end, the majority of his points were quite compelling.

“Someone needs to tell the people who block traffic in the name of a cause, ‘no one likes you, and you’re probably hurting your cause.’”

He discussed the recent demonstrations in which pro-Hamas supporters obstructed main thoroughfares across the United States, apparently under the impression that disrupting the daily lives of ordinary Americans would further their agenda.

Nonetheless, he pointed out that these efforts achieve nothing other than frustrating individuals trying to carry on with their routines. Maher also brought attention to a less explored aspect, asserting that these activists were displaying their privilege by having the luxury to squander everyone’s time instead of engaging in meaningful work or activities.

“I have a kid. I have a job and yes, I’m sure there are injustices on both sides in the Middle East, as there are injustices all over the world, but I’m going to be late for work,” he said. “Something you protestors on the bridge seem to have the luxury of not having to worry about which seems kind of privilege-ey.”

“You can glue your hands to the street because your hands don’t have to do any work today.”

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