WATCH: Fox Anchor Reveals Shocking Personal News On Air

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Charles Payne, the anchor for Fox Business, disclosed on the Wednesday edition of “Fox & Friends” that his niece had been a victim of a shooting incident in Harlem a few weeks ago. Payne mentioned that his niece and her friend were shot on the very street where he spent his childhood, precisely two Mondays ago. Following a four-hour surgery at Harlem Hospital, she was discharged from the medical facility on Monday.

“I wish he would go to Harlem. Two Mondays ago, my niece was shot on the street that I grew up on. My niece was shot on the street that I grew up on!” he said. “She doesn’t even hang out there; she doesn’t live there on the block anymore, but a good friend of mine who I’ve known for 45 years, her son passed away, and they were having a memorial for him, and so these guys — the gang violence is on the rise so much, it’s so underreported — so they come around with their masks, they’re shooting crazy, one third floor apartment was all busted up.”

Payne claimed to be the target of a gang shooting that she and her companion inadvertently found themselves involved in. “But this gang thing has really been amazing, I had no idea it was this bad. It’s really bad,” he continued.

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