Watch: Fox News Star Calls Out Who Is REALLY Controlling Joe Biden

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The White House briefing room burst into laughter on Thursday when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy inadvertently referred to President Joe Biden as “President Obiden,” unintentionally blending Biden’s name with former President Barack Obama’s.

Doocy made the slip-up while questioning National Security spokesperson John Kirby about Vice President Kamala Harris purportedly disagreeing with the president on matters related to the conflict in Gaza.

“Is President Obiden … is President Biden … okay,” Doocy said as the reporters laughed.

“Yes, he is,” Kirby said.

“Yeah, is he … thank goodness … Is President Biden okay that people from the vice president’s team are going to the press with this?” Doocy asked.

“The president is comfortable and confident that in Vice President Harris he has a real teammate, a significant leader who understands the foreign policy direction that he’s trying to take our country in and our leadership on the world stage, and is candid, forthright, educated, smart and willing to tell him exactly what she thinks. I’m not going to talk about what her advice and counsel is to the president … The entire leadership team here all understands the importance of making sure Israel is more precise, more cautious and more deliberate in their targeting,” Kirby answered.

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