WATCH: Fox News Star Sends Shock Border Warning

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Harris Faulkner, the host of Fox News, initiated a segment on “Outnumbered” discussing the escalating illegal migrant crisis, highlighting the lack of commitment from the Biden administration to strengthen border security.

At the start of the segment, Faulkner informed her fellow hosts and guest about New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) deploying the state’s National Guard to aid in the handling and support of the numerous migrants who have entered New York City and other areas of the state. This move comes amidst criticism from politicians across party lines.

The situation in the streets of New York serves as a small-scale representation of the ongoing events along the U.S.-Mexico border, as highlighted by Faulkner in a video clip featuring numerous migrants crossing the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas. Additionally, she pointed out that Border Patrol agents have been captured on video informing migrants that they are at liberty to go anywhere they please in the country. This indicates a lack of border security enforcement under President Joe Biden, despite the millions of migrants who have entered the country illegally since he assumed office.

“I don’t know how much vetting is being done because our Border Patrol agents are literally outnumbered at the border,” she continued. “Southern border is reaching levels that we have never seen before,” Faulkner added, “and it has been for the past few days,” with sources in U.S. Border Patrol having reporting more than 11,000 migrant contacts within the last 24 hours. “We don’t know who they are,” she said, adding that the number “marks the highest single-day total in recent memory.”

Following the incident, she proceeded to display a motionless video image of a bruised and bloodied Border Patrol agent who was subjected to a brutal assault in the Rio Grande sector in the past few days by a group of migrants. This indicates that their initial action after unlawfully crossing the border was to engage in a violent criminal act.

“His attacker was a known smuggler who was branded a ‘rat’ by the cartels,” she explained.

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