WATCH: Governor LOSES Is Mid-Interview On Live TV

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Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota stated during an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Varney and Co.” that the host, Stuart Varney, should refrain from asking her further questions regarding the unfortunate incident involving her dog.

Varney said, “In your new book, it’s called ‘No Going Back,’ you include a story about a shooting your dog despite your team telling you not to put that in the book with. I have to say that the decision didn’t go down well, it’s not gone down well. Many people are questioning your political future.”

Noem said, “Well, I don’t think you have the facts straight this was a vicious, dangerous dog that was a working dog, and I had to make a choice between the safety of my children and an animal that was killing livestock and attacking people.”

Varney asked, “Was it a puppy.”

Noem continued, “A lot of politicians, they try to hide from tough decisions. It was a hard decision for me.”

Varney again asked, “Was it a puppy?”

Noem said, “No, it was an adult working dog.”

Varney said, “14 months old, the dog was 14 months old.”

Noem said, “It was a year and a half old, yes.”

Varney said, “Do you think it was good politics to include that story?”

Noe said, “That has been a story that’s been out there for years, Stuart. My political opponents have used it for years. So I want people to know the truth on it.”

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Varney said, “Could you be the vice president of Donald Trump?”

Noem said, “I tell you, the only president person who decides that is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the only person who will decide who his vice president was.”

Varney said, “Have you talked to him since the dog story?”

Noem said, “Yes, I talk to Donald Trump often, absolutely.”

Varney said, “If you were writing the book today, would you include the dog story?”

Noem said, “You know, this is a wonderful book. Did you read the book?”

Varney said, “Not yet but the question stands. If you were writing it today, would you include the dog story?”

Noem said, “I’m proud of this book.”

Varney said, “We’ve been consumed with emails saying, I won’t vote for this person. I won’t vote for Trump if she if he puts her in the vice presidential spot.”

After Varney brought the dog up again at the end of the interview, Noem said, “This interview is ridiculous, which you are doing right now. So you need to stop. It is okay. It is. Let’s talk about some real topics that Americans care about.”

Varney said, “I’m afraid we’re out of time…I know I pressed hard but the is what people are talking about.”


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