WATCH: Trump Gets A HERO’S Welcome In Harlem

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Former President Donald Trump received a warm reception from a sizable crowd as he arrived at a bodega in Harlem after his second day in a Manhattan courtroom for his hush money trial. The video captured the enthusiastic cheers and chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “Four more years!” from the crowd, along with patriotic chants of “USA! USA! USA!” Trump engaged with supporters, shook hands, and discussed various topics while being closely monitored by Secret Service agents. He also granted interviews to multiple news organizations, commenting on the trial and mentioning that he was invited by a bodega association.

“I respect them, and they respect me. They want law and order, they have a lot of crime…where their stores are being robbed,” he said.

Trump suggested that former President Jimmy Carter should find solace in Joe Biden’s presidency, as he believes that Carter’s tenure was considered the worst in modern history until Biden took office.


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