ALERT: Biden Admin Sends Agents To Homes Over Social Media Posts

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents initiated an inquiry in Oklahoma to examine social media content, as per Fox News sources.

Rolla Abdeljawad was visited by FBI agents regarding her online presence, as reported by Fox News. The agents paid a visit to her residence and questioned her about her posts after receiving notifications from Facebook. Abdeljawad, who verified the agents’ credentials by requesting them to show their badges on video, recounted her encounter in a video posted by her attorney, Hassan Shibly, on the social media site X.

“Facebook gave us a couple of screenshots of your account,” one agent said in the video. To which Abdeljawad replied with “So we no longer live in a free country, and we can’t say what we want?” “No, we totally do,” another agent wearing a red shirt said.

“We do this every day, all day long. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe and make sure nobody has any ill will,” one agent then told the woman.

Shibly informed the public about how to handle these situations. “What she did right: 1. Refuse to speak to them without a lawyer. 2. Refuse to let them in her house. 3. Record the interaction,” the lawyer wrote on X. “What she did wrong: 1. Exit her house. Do not let them in your house if they do not have a warrant but do not exit your house either.”

The FBI is unaware of the exact posts that drew their attention. However, Fox News has documented Abdeljawad’s explicit posts on Facebook, where she openly criticizes Israel and expresses support for Palestine, particularly in relation to the Gaza conflict.

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