Influencer Who Told Illegals How to Exploit U.S. Loopholes Gets BAD News

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The unauthorized immigrant who quickly gained notoriety for his TikTok videos providing instructions to other undocumented individuals on how to break into American homes and then occupy them without permission has finally faced consequences.

This individual, who used online platforms to encourage migrants to further violate our laws, steal from Americans, damage our properties, and create chaos in America, is now experiencing some repercussions of his own – he is currently residing in a jail cell.

You may remember the recent news about TikTok user Leonel Moreno, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, who started sharing videos about “invading a house in United States” and citing “squatter’s rights” to reside in someone else’s property without paying rent.

In one of his videos, he informed other undocumented immigrants, “I found out that there is a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.”

Furthermore, Moreno mentioned that the law also pertains to their “land invasion,” and he suggested to his social media audience, “I think that will be my next business, invading abandoned houses.”

In a separate video, Moreno was observed boasting about his reliance on American taxes for sustenance, proudly proclaiming his lack of employment. Additionally, he was captured in another video, presumably in the parking lot of the Gahanna, Ohio Police Department, advocating for migrants to rally behind an unlawful teenage immigrant who resorted to wielding a firearm in an attempted robbery in New York City.

To put it differently, this criminal alien has extensively utilized social media platforms to encourage his fellow illegal border crossers to cause chaos in America.

However, his notoriety seems to have led to his downfall, at least temporarily.

According to Fox News, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have confirmed that Moreno has been apprehended by federal officials. Federal sources reveal that Moreno unlawfully entered the United States in April 2022 and was initially placed in the Alternatives to Detention program by Border Patrol. However, he escaped federal custody and evaded ICE enforcement.

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News Nation reported that Moreno was subsequently classified as a preorder absconder and was removed from the ATD program. After fleeing from the ATD program, he managed to secure $350 per week in government assistance and even claimed to earn up to $1,000 daily as a TikTok “influencer.”

Although Moreno had been ordered to appear in an immigration court in Florida, he neglected to do so, making it challenging for officials to locate him. It remains uncertain whether the Biden administration will deport this instigator of criminal activities. Since assuming office, Biden’s track record of deporting individuals, whether they are criminals or not, has been less than stellar.

Meanwhile, as an increasing number of foreigners violate our laws, enter the United States illegally, and rely on American taxpayers, crimes committed by undocumented individuals are also surging.

Without a doubt, Moreno drew attention to himself with his TikTok antics. However, it is evident that the arrest of just one criminal will not halt the influx of dangerous individuals crossing our border. Nevertheless, we must start somewhere, and putting an end to Moreno’s criminal rampage is undoubtedly a positive step forward.

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