ALERT: Biden’s DOJ Gives Sweetheart Deal To Major Trump Enemy

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The Department of Justice under Joe Biden’s leadership appears to be offering a favorable agreement to an individual who openly confessed his intention to exploit his position at the IRS for the purpose of breaking the law, all in order to advance the political agenda of the Democratic Party and undermine Donald Trump and others.

Charles Edward Littlejohn, who openly admitted that he joined the IRS with the explicit aim of unlawfully obtaining former President Trump’s personal tax information, which is a federal offense, seems to be facing minimal or no imprisonment for his crimes, thanks to the intentionally weak prosecution by the DOJ.

During his court case, it was revealed that Littlejohn actively sought employment as an IRS consultant for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and made a commitment to “try to access the President’s tax returns if given the opportunity,” as stated by his legal representatives.

It is important to note that it is illegal to inappropriately access, copy, remove, or disclose the tax returns of any American citizen.

The IRS itself states that they have a “right to confidentiality” in the agency’s “taxpayer bill of rights,” which says in part, “Taxpayers have the right to expect that any information they provide to the IRS will not be disclosed unless authorized by the taxpayer or by law.”

According to his own confession, Littlejohn’s primary objective in accepting a position that granted him access to data maintained by the United States government was explicitly to engage in illegal activities and infringe upon individuals’ rights by unlawfully obtaining their tax returns for personal political advantage.

In spite of openly admitting his guilt and defying the law, Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ) chose not to prosecute Littlejohn to the fullest extent of the law. Instead, they allowed him to plead guilty to just one felony charge.

The DOJ extended a favorable deal to Littlejohn, even though he had nothing to offer in return.

Littlejohn’s actions went beyond stealing Donald Trump’s tax information. He also stole the tax returns of approximately 7,500 individuals whom he considered to be excessively wealthy, and subsequently leaked all of them.

Despite Littlejohn proudly asserting in court that he believed he was morally justified in breaking federal law 7,500 times, the Biden DOJ granted him a lenient plea deal, allowing him to plead guilty to only one count. The deal “does not account for the fact that he leaked thousands of individuals’ tax returns. His [sentencing] range would be the same today if he had leaked only a single return.”

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In the end, Littlejohn appears to be facing a maximum sentence of only 60 months in prison for orchestrating the largest theft of IRS taxpayer data in U.S. history, all driven by political motives.

Surprisingly, his legal team is advocating for an even shorter period of imprisonment, arguing that his actions were morally justified since he selectively disclosed the information to reputable news organizations like the New York Times and ProPublica, who they believed would handle it responsibly.

Furthermore, it appears highly probable that U.S. District Judge Ana Reyes, appointed by President Biden, who is scheduled to determine the punishment on January 29, will align with the defendant’s attorneys. This is due to her reputation for issuing remarkably lenient sentences.

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