Watch: Planned Parenthood Targets Youth in Terrifying New Video

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Planned Parenthood, an organization that is known for its involvement in abortion procedures, recently shared a video on X platform. In this video, they discuss the concept of virginity and emphasize that it is a social construct. They also encourage young individuals to form their own understanding of what constitutes sex, rather than conforming to societal norms.

“Sex means different things to different people. Generally speaking, society tends to define sex in a very narrow way: penetration — penis into vagina. But where does that definition leave queer people? Or folks who can’t, or don’t, have penis-in-vagina sex, and choose to have oral, anal, or another type of sex instead?” the pink-clad woman in the video says.

“Sex is defined by one thing and one thing only: You! Maybe that’s being fingered for the first time. Maybe it’s having anal sex. Maybe it’s having your first orgasm. Maybe it’s masturbating for the first time, or when you enthusiastically consent to sex,” she claimed.

“That’s the beauty of your sexual journey. You’re in charge, and you can figure it out on your own terms. Choosing to have sex — when, what kind, where, and who with — is something that only you get to define,” she concluded.

Americans quickly called out the video for exactly what it is:

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