Barack Obama Caught Trying To Corrupt Kids

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Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have faced significant criticism on social media for their involvement in the production of a Netflix cartoon for preschoolers. The cartoon in question depicted young children attending a wedding ceremony between same-sex individuals.

The X account Libs of TikTok posted a clip of the show in question, showing how it “showcases young students coming together to set up and celebrate their teacher’s gay wedding.”

“This is aimed at preschoolers,” Libs of TikTok said. “Barack and Michelle Obama are the executive producers.”

“Received this from a parent who let her kids watch it as it’s a popular show and she says she was shocked and horrified to see this and wouldn’t let her children watch it anymore,” Libs of TikTok added. “This is supposed to be a show about science!”

In the excerpt from Episode 11 of Season 4 titled “Blue River Wedding,” a grown-up character enthusiastically describes the marriage between two men named “Sensei Dave” and “Jiu Jitsu Joe” as “the most remarkable wedding of the year.” A young girl takes charge of the proceedings, leading her group and assuming the role of their wedding planner. One of the grooms expresses gratitude towards the children for making their special day a reality.

Later in the episode, the scene shifts to the children observing the ceremony, expressing their delight and cheering as the two men embrace and share a kiss.

Following this, numerous social media users promptly flocked to the comment section to voice their disappointment.

“I’m gay. This propagandizing at children needs to stop,” one individual reacted. “I bet the writer thinks she’s an ~ally~ but she’s not helping us, quite the opposite in fact. Gay stuff does not need to be in children’s media! Stop it!”

“Of course it’s being made by the Obamas,” another commented.

“Your kids are being indoctrinated,” actress and education freedom advocate Sam Sorbo wrote.

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“Yes. They do target children,” New Zealand politician Elliot Ikilei reacted.

“Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, is one of the heaviest Democratic liberal donors,” a third said. “Partnering with the Obamas to push this should come as no surprise if you follow the Democratic money trail.”

“What a nasty combination of indoctrination and grooming,” another chimed in.

“Leave the kids alone,” another demanded.

“I’m won’t let my 8 year old watch Netflix unaccompanied,” another wrote. “No one should be leaving a preschooler alone with Netflix.”

Ada Twist, Scientist is an animated show aimed at preschool-aged children, adapted from a picture book published in 2016. Since its debut in 2021, the series has successfully aired four seasons, comprising a total of 41 episodes.

“When a tornado touches down on the day of Sensei Dave and Jiu Jitsu Joe’s wedding, the gang must think up a way for all of the guests to safely gather,” the streamer’s synopsis of the episode in question reads.

The entire show is executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s company.

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