Biden Insider Reveals Just How Bad Things Are Behind Closed Doors…

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A prominent authority on body language has issued a cautionary statement regarding President Joe Biden’s recent return from vacation, noting that he appeared “unsteady and confused.” The decline in Biden’s cognitive abilities due to his age has become a growing concern for both the Democratic Party and the entire nation. In the past year alone, his verbal blunders, incoherent statements, physical falls, and overall state of confusion have led many to question whether he is simply too old to effectively fulfill the duties of the President of the United States, regardless of political affiliation.

His demeanor portrays weakness and fragility, which is not the ideal image for the most influential country in the world to project. Some individuals even argue that his condition poses a risk to national security. The most recent manifestation of his elderly and bewildered state was observed at the conclusion of his New Year’s trip to St. Croix for a Caribbean vacation. The Irish Star reported that experts in body language analyzed footage of Biden’s return from vacation and reached the conclusion that the 81-year-old president appeared “unsteady and confused.”

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spent the holiday week in St. Croix, reportedly staying with Democratic donors Bill and Connie Neville. Body language expert Judi James scrutinized the president’s movements upon his arrival in Washington D.C. and provided a disconcerting evaluation of the state of the United States president.

“Walking to the plane and mounting the steps, Biden appears unsteady and confused to the point where it looks painful to see him without someone nearby to offer assistance if needed,” James said.

She added, “He arrives at the top with his knees bent, which is a very common problem that happens with age, where the legs get up steps faster than the torso.”

James highlighted a prevailing trend with President Biden, which is his consistent confusion regarding his whereabouts, whether it be when disembarking from an aircraft or exiting a platform.

“Where we see a moment of what looks like confusion though is when he turns to bend and wave,” James said.

“Turning back he appears momentarily unsure where to go.”

According to multiple surveys, Biden’s age poses a significant concern for Democratic voters across all age groups. Not only do they lack enthusiasm for him as a potential president, but they also express apprehension regarding his physical and cognitive well-being. In a recent interview, Biden exhibited signs of confusion and required assistance from the first lady to stay on track.

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