Breaking: Biden Reveals Ridiculous ‘Ultimate Threat to Humanity’

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Amidst escalating global tensions, President Joe Biden has asserted that “climate change” stands as the “ultimate threat to humanity.” In a speech delivered on Tuesday, Biden discussed his administration’s initiatives to address the purported “climate crisis.”

The 80-year-old president, at times dealing with coughing and slurring, emphasized the severe impact of climate change and its potential devastating toll on the world.

“You know, I’ve seen first-hand what the reports make clear,” Biden said.

“The devastating toll of climate change and its existential threat to all of us and is the ultimate threat to humanity – climate change.”


Biden’s remarks come against the backdrop of escalating proxy conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, pushing the world closer to the specter of nuclear war than in decades. Last month, Hamas, an Iranian proxy army, carried out a terror attack on Israel, leading to the taking of American hostages.

Tensions are intensifying along the Lebanon border, where Hezbollah terrorists engage in gunfire with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and rockets from Syria target Israel.

The entire Middle East is experiencing growing instability day by day. Simultaneously, Russia, a nuclear power, poses threats to the United States as the Biden administration continues to support the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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