Officials Launch Terrifying New Crackdown On Free Speech

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The chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona, Bill Gates, is urging Big Tech companies to take action against what he considers “misinformation” in the lead-up to the 2024 elections. Gates, with a history of allegations of election interference during the 2022 elections, is particularly interested in suppressing doubts about election integrity.

In the contested 2022 gubernatorial race in Arizona’s most populous county, Gates oversaw the election, resulting in a narrow victory for Democrat Katie Hobbs. Despite allegations of election fraud by Republican candidate Kari Lake, Hobbs assumed the governor’s role, securing Gates’s position. Now, Gates is focusing on combating alleged “misinformation” about election results, particularly when Democrats are declared winners.

“There is some intent in spreading this misinformation.

“That’s sort of what makes it misinformation.”

Gates asserts that the responsibility for “misinformation” in Arizona elections doesn’t solely lie with President Donald Trump but extends to other Republicans as well. Historically, with exceptions like 1996 (Clinton) and the controversial 2020 (Biden), Arizona and Maricopa County were predominantly Republican strongholds.

As the intricate battle for each constituency intensifies, particularly at the local media level, there are calls to regulate online “misinformation.” “The Gates of Maricopa” appears to be aligning with one side of the narrative.

“(…) dealing with misinformation is now a way of life in Maricopa County and beyond,” local news outlets say.

“He adds that the Board of Supervisors aims to make next year’s election even more transparent than before as they expect fake news to be a factor in races.”

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