Breaking: Biden’s New Secret Plan Has Americans FURIOUS

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According to reports, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, has requested the State Department to examine potential courses of action regarding the independent acknowledgment of a Palestinian state following the conclusion of the conflict between Hamas and Israel. This significant departure from previous U.S. policy, as well as Israel’s stance, highlights a notable shift in diplomatic approach.

Axios reported:

“While U.S. officials say there has been no policy change, the fact the State Department is even considering such options signals a shift in thinking within the Biden administration on possible Palestinian statehood recognition, which is highly sensitive both internationally and domestically.

For decades, U.S. policy has been to oppose the recognition of Palestine as a state both bilaterally and in UN institutions and to stress Palestinian statehood should only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.”

The narrative – most likely intentionally leaked from the State Department – emerges as Blinken readies himself for his fifth visit to Israel since the Hamas terror attack on October 7, which sparked the conflict.

While Blinken has expressed sympathy for the Israeli people, he has also attempted to limit Israel’s military response and has recently become insistent on pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state. This would be a significant victory for Hamas, who would achieve their desired outcome following the mass killing of civilians. Blinken has even accused Israelis of being stubborn regarding a Palestinian state. However, the reality is that in 2012, nearly two-thirds of Israelis supported the idea of such a state. Now, due to Hamas transforming Gaza into a hub of terror, nearly two-thirds oppose it.

The Biden administration has been advocating for a Palestinian state even before October 7, reportedly obstructing a potential Saudi-Israeli peace agreement because of their insistence on including a Palestinian state, regardless of the Palestinians’ readiness for one.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu staunchly opposes a Palestinian state as the resolution to the conflict. As a result, he has gained popularity in some polls, as Israelis rally behind a leader perceived as the only politician capable of standing up to the United States.

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