BREAKING: Epstein’s Brother Goes Public With Proof

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Mark Epstein has made a public disclosure of his brother Jeffrey’s autopsy photos in an attempt to provide evidence contradicting the official claim of suicide.

On Friday, he shared the autopsy photographs of Jeffrey Epstein with Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News personality who now hosts an independent podcast.

The brother of the deceased pedophile elaborated on his belief that Jeffrey Epstein did not take his own life. During an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” he presented previously unseen images from the autopsy to substantiate his claim.

One of the autopsy images displays a prominent red mark encircling Epstein’s neck. Another photograph exhibits the legs of the deceased Democratic megadonor. Mark Epstein asserts that the leg images serve as “clear” proof, indicating that his brother’s blood had accumulated in that area.

“The fact that his legs are clear even if they laid him down, the blood would not have drained up from his legs into his back unless he was hung upside down,” Mark Epstein said.

“The fact that his legs and buttocks are clear from lividity, it leads doubt to the fact he was found the way they described.”

Mark observed the crimson line encircling his deceased brother’s neck, carefully analyzing its appearance. He concluded that the mark resembled more of a “ligature strangulation” rather than the outcome of self-inflicted hanging. Mark further remarked that the mark was positioned towards the center of Epstein’s neck, emphasizing that it would have been “higher up in the front” had he taken his own life in such a manner.

“This is bullshIt,” Mark said.

“There were, I think, 11 other prisoners on that tier in the cells that could have killed him.”

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