BREAKING: Judge Issues Final Ruling Against Anti-Trump DA

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has been deemed eligible to proceed with prosecuting her election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling on Friday allowed Willis to move forward with the case, albeit with a condition in place.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that “Willis must either step aside or cut ties with her special prosecutor before the election interference case against Donald Trump can move forward, a judge ruled Friday.”

The decision is made following Ashleigh Merchant’s claim, who is the attorney representing Mike Roman, a co-defendant of Trump. Merchant alleged that Willis had a conflict of interest due to her association with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

“Citing financial statements turned up in Wade’s divorce proceeding, Merchant claimed Willis financially benefited when Wade took her on lavish vacations after she hired him as special prosecutor in late 2021 as the investigation into Trump and his allies was heating up. Willis denied there was anything improper about their relationship,” CNN explains.

In his ruling, McAfee stated, “The Court finds that the evidence did not establish the District Attorney’s receipt of material financial benefit as a result of her decision to hire and engage in a romantic relationship with Wade.”

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