WATCH: Lara Trump Make BIG Announcement After Taking Over As RNC

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Lara Trump made an announcement stating that the Republican National Committee achieved an unprecedented success in fundraising just one week after she assumed the role of co-chair for the organization.

“I am proud to announce that last weekend the GOP had the largest digital fundraising weekend since 2020. Much more to come…we are just getting started!” Lara Trump announced.

Lara Trump refrained from disclosing any fundraising figures, however, this development is undeniably positive for the RNC. The party has been facing financial constraints following the extravagant spending by former Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who also presided over limited Republican successes during her time in office.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Lara Trump added: “I think the change in leadership at the RNC has really inspired a lot of people to give. People are very confident in the team. I personally wrote an email this morning to send out to people all across this country asking for donations.”

“People understand this is a must-win election, and I think they’re very confident in the team we now have between myself as co-chair and Michael Whatley as chairman,” she added, noting further that during the previous 36 hours, she had received “multiple phone calls” from people wanting to “max out” their donations.


Earlier this week, over 60 employees were terminated from the RNC following the assumption of control by Whatley and Trump. Once her father-in-law and President Biden secured the necessary delegates to secure their party’s nominations this summer, Lara Trump encouraged Republicans to adopt “legal ballot harvesting” as a means to counterbalance the Democratic advantage.

“We’ve been playing checkers, and the Democrats have been playing chess. Unfortunately, we don’t have one day of voting, we don’t have paper ballots, we don’t have voter ID everywhere. So we have to play the hand that we’re dealt,” she said.

She continued, “We need to be doing legal ballot harvesting, something that the RNC has never done, but I can promise you will be a huge part of what we’re planning to do.”

“And then come Election Day, and you’ll see that, I think, it’s not just about having poll watchers. It’s about having trained poll watchers and lawyers at locations around the country as necessary. And these are people who will be trained and able to physically count how many ballots are coming in. And how many ballots are going out,” she said.

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