CIVIL WAR: 14 Governors DEFY Biden With Clear Message

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Thirteen Republican governors joined Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Texas over the weekend to convey a unified message to the Biden administration: they are committed to collaborating in order to safeguard the border, a responsibility that the White House seems unwilling to fulfill.

The gathering of these governors commenced on Saturday and concluded with each of them pledging to defy the federal government’s policies on open-border immigration. All 14 governors were in attendance at a press conference organized by Governor Abbott in Eagle Pass, Texas, a region that has experienced an influx of numerous undocumented immigrants since President Joe Biden assumed office.

Last month, the White House filed a lawsuit against Texas, seeking to compel state officials to dismantle razor wire and other physical barriers along the state’s border with Mexico. In a 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an injunction that had prevented federal authorities from removing the razor wire until a court decision was reached.

As of now, none of the razor wire has been taken down, while Texas state agencies have continued to install additional barriers.

During the joint press conference held on Sunday, Governor Abbott emphasized the collective commitment of all governors to unite in safeguarding the American population against the ongoing invasion.

“We are here to send a loud and clear message, that we are banding together to fight to ensure that we will be able to maintain our constitutional guarantee, that states will be able to defend against any type of imminent danger or invasion,” Abbott said, the AFP reported.

Abbott further stated that Biden had neglected and forsaken his duties towards American citizens.

KOLN reported that Republican Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen, among the attending governors, expressed his astonishment at witnessing the ongoing border invasion firsthand.

“You have to be down here to comprehend what an extraordinary humanitarian crisis this is,” Pillen stated.

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“The people aren’t hanging out at Eagle Pass — Eagle Pass is a past through to get moving,” he added. “The cartels are totally controlling it, and they have a sophisticated network where they are making money across the United States, and we’d be naive to believe none of that comes to Nebraska.”

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, a Republican, was one of the individuals who traveled to south Texas over the weekend. In a recent update on his social media platform, Kemp shared that he had recently been provided with a thorough briefing regarding the urgent situation at the border.

“There’s 14 governors here today, standing with Texas,” Kemp declared.

Kemp added, “It’s made the country less secure. It’s made states and governors like me have to deal with fentanyl and human trafficking.”

In addition to Abbott, Kemp, and Pillen, the governors who attended the event in Texas over the weekend included Sarah Huckabee Sanders from Arkansas, Brad Little from Idaho, Eric Holcomb from Indiana, Kim Reynolds from Iowa, Jeff Landry from Louisiana, Tate Reeves from Mississippi, Mike Parson from Missouri, Greg Gianforte from Montana, Chris Sununu from New Hampshire, Bill Lee from Tennessee, and Spencer Cox from Utah.

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