Tucker’s Big Announcement Just Broke The Internet

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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a controversial American transgender individual who sometimes acts as a “spokesperson,” has accused Tucker Carlson of being the Kremlin’s favored court eunuch and an enemy of humanity. This accusation seems to have put Carlson in a vulnerable position, especially considering the recent passing of American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira.

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, formerly known as Michael John Cirillo, has had an intermittent role as an information disseminator for the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) and currently holds the rank of sergeant in Kyiv’s armed forces. In response to Carlson’s trip to Russia, where he is rumored to have intended to interview Vladimir Putin, Ashton-Cirillo expressed strong criticism.

It has now been confirmed that Carlson is indeed conducting an interview with the Russian dictator.

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