CNN Gets DESTROYED… Network In Shambles

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In the renowned Western film “Shane,” the protagonist sustains injuries while eliminating the antagonists. Subsequently, the hero departs from the valley and exits the screen, presumably to meet his demise.

CNN, the progressive news network that heavily relied on demonizing former President Donald Trump, seems to be following a similar path. However, in this rendition of the timeless narrative, the hero represents the average person who simply changes the television channel, thereby inflicting a potentially fatal blow to the villain. And in this case, the villain is none other than CNN. According to the New York Post, CNN’s viewership fell behind the History Channel and INSP during prime time last week.

Unless you possess a fondness for classic Westerns, it is likely that you are unfamiliar with INSP. This channel, established in the late 1970s by Christian televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, originated as a ministry network but now primarily airs Western TV shows and movies.

There appears to be a nostalgia for the past when people preferred watching historical documentaries and Westerns from previous eras.

CNN, known as the “most trusted name in news,” had an average of 538,000 viewers during the prime time block from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. between January 15 and January 21. This data was provided by Nielsen’s latest report, as stated by the Post. Although CNN ranked as the 10th most-watched cable channel, it fell behind FOX and MSNBC, as well as Hallmark, The History Channel, and INSP.

According to the network’s website, INSP was established in 1990 and is recognized as the go-to network for high-quality television programs that uphold timeless, traditional values. It reaches over 80 million households in the United States through more than 2,800 cable systems, including DISH Network.

The resurgence of traditional values is becoming evident, and it is long overdue. Even the coverage of the Iowa caucus, which featured CNN’s long-standing rival Donald Trump dominating the competition, did not significantly boost CNN’s viewership. CNN’s negative portrayal of Trump seems to have backfired. It is now old news.

Fox News claimed the top spot in the ratings race for the week, attracting 2.091 million viewers during prime time, according to Nielsen. Following closely behind were two progressive networks: Disney-owned ESPN with 1.653 million prime-time viewers and MSNBC, the ultra-progressive cable news channel, with 1 million viewers during prime time for the week.

ESPN capitalized on the NFL playoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles, drawing viewers regardless of the channel they were tuned into.

Regarding MSNBC, there still exists a significant number of radical progressives who would rather consume spoiled eggs than tune into a program on INSP. However, it appears that they are not avid viewers of CNN either.

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According to the Post, CNN has been undergoing a period of change ever since Mark Thompson, the former CEO of New York Times and BBC, took over after Chris Licht’s departure. Licht was let go last year after a 14-month period during which the network failed to achieve satisfactory ratings. The controversies surrounding CNN’s on-air personalities certainly did not contribute positively to the situation.

If the latest Nielsen ratings are any indication, it seems that Thompson is overseeing a transition into an even more dire situation for CNN. In simpler terms, CNN appears to be severely wounded and gradually fading away from the television screen.

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