Joe Biden Gives Up, Calls In Barack Obama To Take Over

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Democrat President Joe Biden is intensifying his endeavors to advocate for the Affordable Care Act, widely recognized as Obamacare.

In order to bolster the socialist healthcare initiative, Biden has enlisted the support of former President Barack Obama.

A promotional advertisement showcasing Obama and Biden was unveiled by the White House on Friday.

The video commences with Biden perusing a text message that he purportedly received on his mobile device.

Biden says, “Hey, President Biden, is Obamacare still a thing?”

Biden then turns to Obama, and asks him, “Is it still a thing?”

Obama responds by announcing: “Yes, Obamacare – the Affordable Care Act, Bidencare, whatever you call it – yes, it is still a thing.

“The other side has been trying to repeal it every year since it’s existed.

“But, we’ll keep fighting to protect it.”

Biden then adds, “Not just protect it, but expand it, saving millions of dollars for working families.

“We’re covering more people than ever.

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“It’s still a BFD.”

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