Watch: GOP Superstar Just Nuked The Entire Fake News Media

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2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has strongly criticized the corporate media and its propagandist figures in a recent speech at a Turning Point USA event. Specifically, Ramaswamy directed his criticism towards CNN host Van Jones. During his speech, Ramaswamy quoted a fearmongering statement made by Jones and called for the media analyst to refrain from speaking.

This remark was made during Turning Point USA’s America Fest 2023, a four-day event where influential conservative figures address young Republicans on current political issues. Ramaswamy’s speech began with a demand for the government to once again prioritize truth in the United States, emphasizing that the American people are capable of handling it. He then shifted his focus to the mainstream media and the previous GOP debate, highlighting that his demands challenge the norms within the establishment GOP.

“We demand a government that tells us the truth again in this country,” Ramaswamy stated.

“That’s what we require – we can handle the truth.

“That’s what it means to be a citizen of this country.

“So I say that on that last debate stage to a bunch of Republicans that are shaking in their boots, these are the things you’re not supposed to say in the Republican Party even today.”

“And then you get the mainstream media.”

The GOP candidate further criticized Jones, condemning his previous remarks about Ramaswamy. In response, Ramaswamy bluntly told Jones to refrain from speaking.

“You got this character Van Jones on CNN afterward saying, ‘this is the rise of an American demagogue who’s going to live 50 years longer than Trump. This is dangerous. I am shaking,’ – that’s what he says,” Ramaswamy recalled.

“Just shut the f*ck up. At a certain point, just shut the f*ck up,” Ramaswamy asserted.

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