just In: Soros-Funded Prosecutor Carjacked In Own Liberal City

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(SNews) – A George Soros-funded prosecutor has been carjacked at gunpoint in his own Democrat-controlled city of New Orleans.

According to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), the city’s Democrat District Attorney Jason Williams was robbed on Monday.

Williams was walking his 78-year-old mother to his car when two suspects approached the pair.

They pointed a gun at them and demanded the prosecutor’s car, according to WVUE.

The suspects then jumped into the car and drove off.

They later abandoned the vehicle in an undisclosed location.

The NOPD confirmed that the criminals continued their crime spree by carjacking a young woman in the area 30 minutes later.

Keith Lampkin, spokesperson for the DA’s office, told WVUE:

“DA Williams and his mother were unharmed and both thank the NOPD for their hard work tonight and every night responding to crime victims.”

The DA was elected in 2020 after Soros donated $220,000 to sway the election in his favor, according to the Capital Research Center.

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Soros pumped cash into the Louisiana Justice and Public Safety PAC to run campaigns against Williams’ opponent.

Williams campaigned on a platform of “woke” social justice reform, promising to find “alternatives to incarceration” for some criminals.

He also pledged to reform the “ineffective and unfair money bail system,” according to his campaign website.

Williams also attacked President Donald Trump during his campaign in 2020.

“This president and this current DA may try to deflect from the true issues of racism in this nation and in our legal system by instead choosing to villainize Americans arguing that black lives must matter too, but we must root out all vestiges of white supremacy in our systems and institutions,” Williams wrote on his campaign website in 2020.

“The culture of the Orleans Parish DA’s Office must change so that we can achieve real justice for victims and others caught up in the criminal justice system.”

Williams declined to prosecute 65% of all criminal cases in New Orleans in 2021.

However, he slowly began to prosecute more cases as crime in the city rose, according to data from the New Orleans government’s office.

The DA still continues to prosecute, on average, only 44% of the criminals who have been charged by police.

In 2022, New Orleans was named the “murder capital of the United States.”

Violent crime was the leading cause of death for children in the city that same year.

Auto thefts in the city have increased 104% since 2022, and total crime has increased 8% since the start of the year, police data showed.


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