Red Alert: Global Elites Move To Enforce New “Carbon Passports”

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(SNews) – A new push is emerging from the World Economic Forum (WEF) that seeks to fight “global warming” by placing travel restrictions on the public.

Climate alarmists are pushing a new technology in the form of digital “carbon passports.”

Much like the digital IDs pushed by unelected globalist organizations such as the WEF, “carbon passports” will track individuals’ movements and use the information to set limits on their travel.

The new technology was revealed in a recently published report from Intrepid Travel and the WEF’s Future Laboratory.

Irakli Kashibadze, the CEO and founder of Future Laboratory, is listed as one of the architects of the WEF’s agenda.

Dubbing these restrictions as “personal carbon allowances,” the report portends they would serve as determinants compelling individuals to conform to the “global carbon budget.”

With imposed limitations on yearly travel anticipated by as soon as 2040, travelers might be forced to relinquish the horizon-expansion privileges, usually afforded by contemporary tourism.

The report highlights the alleged repercussions of “climate change” on popular summer destinations like Greece and Majorca.

These nations are now supposedly deemed too hot for humans due to so-called “global boiling.”

The introduction of carbon passports could raise serious privacy concerns about the level of surveillance exercised over individuals’ movements and behavior.

Meanwhile, another technology pushed by the WEF will be rolled out nationally in Austria this year.

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The Austrian government will be mandating digital IDs for all citizens in December.

By December 5, all Austrians will be expected to be enrolled in a new national digital ID system called ID Austria.

The scheme claims to be secure and seamless access to various government services.

The new system will supersede the Handy-Signatur, the digital ID platform currently in use by Austrians.

It effectively pushes about 2.8 million people to adjust to ID Austria.

According to The Local, the government is forcing everyone to comply with ID Austria as citizens will otherwise be barred from a wide range of essential government services.

The government is pushing everyone aged 14 and over to enroll in the system.

The transition, spearheaded by the Federal Ministries of Finance and Interior, is aimed at providing users with highly secure access to an array of government and commercial services.

The ID Austria is also promised to be usable throughout the European Union (EU) soon.

The ties to the EU suggest the far-reaching blueprint could be replicated elsewhere after a successful rollout in Austria.

The WEF frequently touts the “benefits” of being able to control the public through mandatory digital IDs.

These measures will undoubtedly act as precursors to overreaching surveillance and the tracking of individuals’ carbon footprints.

As governments and corporations scramble to tackle “climate” issues, the thin line between necessary action and privacy invasion continues to blur dangerously.

These policies disguise themselves as a necessary evil for “the greater good.”

However, they will surely impact individual liberty and confidentiality.

It’s crucial to ensure global responses don’t sideline privacy rights and morph into invasive practices at their core.

The rush for digitalization should never come at the expense of individuals’ rights to their personal freedom.

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